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Ski Buses Might Ease the Gridlock

One solution to the weekend high country gridlock  drawing too little attention seems deserving of more: Replacing at least a few hundred  of those cars with ski  buses.

92% of voters want more solar, so let's make it easier to get

While solar has the deepest support of any energy source in the new national Hart Research poll, a big traditional barrier has been its perceived cost. That’s why work underway in Colorado and across the nation to bring down costs is so important.

Sustainable Practices Breed Innovation

Do you use a cell phone? A personal computer connected to the Internet? Chances are that you have a hard time picturing life without either device.
But how about 20 years ago? Chances are neither was a part of your life.
The contrast was used by David Sandalow, assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, to illustrate that innovations can move quickly. In 20 years, things that are unusual today may be equally ubiquitous—plugging in a car, getting power from solar panels on the roof, and knowing how much energy is used by home appliances such as your refrigerator.
But such innovations won’t just happen on their own, noted Sandalow at the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado’s annual statewide roundtable.

The 99% of us are getting our voice back

While most of us are too busy getting through the day to cook organic food in the parks and sleep in tents, we can show every day through our own actions that the 99% of us ( those earning less than $500,000 a year) have a lot of power.