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Rooftop solar threatened but advocates fight back

A battle over the future of rooftop solar in Colorado is raging  in the arcane legal corridors of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and in the court of public opinion. Xcel Energy has proposed a rollback of one of the state’s most successful solar programs and solar advocates are mounting a vigorous fight.

92% of voters want more solar, so let's make it easier to get

While solar has the deepest support of any energy source in the new national Hart Research poll, a big traditional barrier has been its perceived cost. That’s why work underway in Colorado and across the nation to bring down costs is so important.

Which Side Are We On?

Imagine if we included in the price of fossil fuels the cost of the tragic loss of life in coal-mining disasters, the cost of spewing pollution into our shared atmosphere, the cost of losing water forever when it is injected underground in fracking operations, the cost of cleaning up toxic underground petroleum spills, and the prolonged efforts it will take to rid the Gulf Coast of the legacy of BP’s epic catastrophe.
With such costs attached to fossil fuels, suddenly wind and solar power, which generally use no water and emit no pollution, seem abundant, free and not at all expensive by comparison.

Harvesting the sunshine on a small planet

What do people in a small village in Nepal and innovators in Colorado have in common? Solar advances made here are making it more affordable for people in villages all over the world to go solar.

Solar energy can make a world of difference to people in very low income areas far from any power lines.

Renewable Energy Beneath our Feet

The ground beneath our feet provides an inexhaustible source of heating and cooling that could be tapped to slash our utility bills in both big projects and home systems. But spreading the word about geothermal technology has not proven easy— the systems represent less than 5 percent of all the heating units installed, and in 2009, Colorado ranked 33rd out of the 50 states in installations.