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Ski Buses Might Ease the Gridlock

One solution to the weekend high country gridlock  drawing too little attention seems deserving of more: Replacing at least a few hundred  of those cars with ski  buses.

Betting on big hits in energy efficiency

Energy efficiency has moved into the big leagues of energy resources and is entering the playoffs as a key competitor to fossil fuels for utilities across the U.S. But with the dramatic growth in utility energy efficiency programs, the next big wins will be harder to score.

Are you as energy literate as your six-year-old?

Hundreds of Gilpin County children have no trouble answering questions about why it might make sense to save energy. Indeed, their fluency on the topic is enough to give adults pause about why there could be any controversy in the notion.

The Gilpin County Fair is one of the biggest events of the year in the county-- full of mutton-bustin’, show riding and competitions like the high altitude bake-off. My energy booth was down the line from the funnel cakes and in between the barbecue and the volunteer firefighters showing off cool tools for extricating accident victims while slowly demolishing an ancient Subaru.

Let's turn on the light of innovation

The disconnect between the rhetoric in Washington and the march of the marketplace has been particularly dramatic when it comes to something we all use every day—light bulbs. Often considered the lowest of the low-hanging fruit by energy efficiency advocates, compact fluorescent light bulbs seem like a pretty basic advancement.

An open and shut case for energy savings

When people think about ways to cut their utility bills, they may overlook the power of windows. Roughly half of a typical home energy bill covers the cost of heating and cooling the air inside. This time of year in many climates, the windows can do a lot of the work.