Ski Buses Might Ease the Gridlock

One solution to the weekend high country gridlock  drawing too little attention seems deserving of more: Replacing at least a few hundred  of those cars with ski  buses.

Rooftop solar threatened but advocates fight back

A battle over the future of rooftop solar in Colorado is raging  in the arcane legal corridors of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and in the court of public opinion. Xcel Energy has proposed a rollback of one of the state’s most successful solar programs and solar advocates are mounting a vigorous fight.

Fires Make Poignant Case for Action

My cousin’s dream home in Colorado's Black Forest burned down this week. The horrific images of a raging inferno 50 miles to the south suddenly fills me with personal sorrow for these relatives’ profound loss.  Memories of her young daughters frolicking  in the forest  flash before me, and then the unimaginable thought of  her having five minutes to gather the dogs and abandon decades of memories and possessions.

Then I started to get angry as well. 


Visions of aging with our friends in new communities

Rather than thinking of an old age in which we move into isolated rooms where strangers help us with daily tasks, how about thinking of a self-help model in which we decide how we want to age and start to make plans to turn our desires into reality? Perhaps some of the McMansions that sprawl across our urban and suburban areas could become homes not for one nuclear family but for small groups of friends and/or family who want to share their lives and help one another age with dignity – and laughter.

92% of voters want more solar, so let's make it easier to get

While solar has the deepest support of any energy source in the new national Hart Research poll, a big traditional barrier has been its perceived cost. That’s why work underway in Colorado and across the nation to bring down costs is so important.